Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Be very very jealous!

I was able to go to the American Idol Final 3 dress rehearsal yesterday afternoon. Shout out to my super awesome friend, Kris, for getting tickets and choosing to take the most awesome person she knows! is the behind the scenes info you've all been waiting for. First, the stage is sooo much smaller than you actually think it is going to be. Ryan Seacrest was incredibly laid back. I thought he was kind of funny. He acted like a little kid most of the time - showing off for the crowd. But, he must be good at what he does, because he seemed so put together for the live show. I was a little bummed b/c I figured out that some of the lines the judges use are scripted. For instance...Randy's line about David Archuleta (from now on will be refered to as Little D) being able to sing his way through a phone book....TOTALLY SCRIPTED. Also, Simon's comment about the winner of round one being Cook & Cowell.....ALSO SCRIPTED. So, for the rehearsal they have judge look alikes sit in and do judging. I think it helps with the timing and such. Those very lines were used by the rehearsal judges.

So, now for the run-down on the Idols.....

Little D was good. He has an amazing tone to his voice. But, his beady eyes freak me out. Also, his clothes were terrible last night. My overall opinion - I don't want the kid to win. I think he's too young. It's bad enough that if he wins he will be under the thumb of a recording label, but if he makes it big he will also have his dad breathing down his neck. And we know how crazy that guy is!! He was also weird and timid even in the rehearsal. He didn't really interact with the crowd that much. Well...cute kid. I hope he gets the boot, but he probably will be in the finals.

This is my girl! I love, love, love Syesha! In my opinion - she carries herself well. She's beautiful....AND she was awesome in person. She was fun and interacted with the audience and others on the set. I think she got a bad wrap last night. Paula was mean to her last night, but covered it up nicely by commenting on how beautiful Syesha is. Lame! I believe that she should win American Idol, and I know all you Cook fans our there are going crazy, but I'll explain myself a little better when I get to Cook. I have a feeling she might be the one to go tonight, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. to address all you David Cook(Big D) fans out there. You have every right to think he is amazing. And he is! He deserves to win the whole thing. BUT, I think he will have a better career if he doesn't win it. Look how successful Chris Daughtry is. I have to admit he has amazing vocals, but the guy just seems like a tool to me. Big D's second song was sooo much better in rehearsal. However, in rehearsal they were having a lot of problems with feed back coming from the guitar - so, perhaps nerves played a part in the whole thing. Regardless, I am sure he is fine and "will breeze through to the next round."


DG said...

Wow. That was totally California. See, that's what sucks about NOT living in CA, we can't go see stuff like that. I guess I can in NYC, but that's three hours from me so I have to plan it out ahead of time.

Anyhoo, I've only seen AI once in my entire life, so I can't comment on the show, but I do think it is tres cool that you got to go see it live.


Gail said...

i make it a habit, no a rule, to not respond to blogs -mostly because i don't like to flatter anyone to the point where they might think that I'm actually interested enough to read their posts, never mind comment.

But I can't seem to help myself. First of all, big D. is not a tool. I agree that Syesha is pretty, sexy, talented, classy and poised, but she is definitly not as talented or as comfortable in front of a mike as is David Cook.

But you already knew that, so why, you ask, am I breaking my own rule? Because, thanks to you,l
I discovered "stuff white people like." OMG - it is
brilliant. Or at least that's what I would think if i
had spent an extraordinary amount of time reading through it the other night. Since I've recently had to shop for new furniture, the section about, uh,
furniture totally caught my attention - and then kept it for a really, really long time. Thanks for that. But, just so you know, I'm may just be done
with your blog. Because if I wasn't, it would mean that I was interested.