Friday, August 1, 2008

How 'bout Them Cowboys?

Boy grows up in Dallas, boy moves to LA, Cowboys come to boy. I realized just last week that the Cowboys decided to have their training camp in Oxnard, just 30 minutes from where I live. I couldn't pass that up, what with the fact that I actually know some players' names and all. Jennifer went out of town this weekend, so I took a break from watching action movies and Harold and Kumar movies to see what it was like
Yeah, I went straight from work, hence the camo pants. Oh and I'm by myself, so I had somebody take this for me (looooser).

Right when I got there, T.O. was coming out of the locker room. Everybody's yelling, and when he doesn't stop for autographs, the guy next to me says, "T.O., you're my hero!" T.O. just kept going. I turned to the guy and said, "I'm surprised that didn't work." The guy just looked at me blankly. Sigh, if I had a quarter...

T.O.'s all, 'sup guys, like my tights?
Passing drills. Marion Barber. I didn't even know who he was until T.O. got injured and they started giving him the ball every play. Do you think we could spread the love more this year Coach Phillips?

Number 9, Tony Romo. It wasn't his fault.

Pictures of the new stadium, opens next year. I took this pic because I got a kick out of the descriptors used. "Expansive" "Monumental" "Largest". I love Texas.

Superbowl trophies. Next year we'll add another.

Tom Landry. A god in Texas.

HA! The cheerleaders weren't there, but I recognized like ten from this picture. (CMT reality show about them--deserves an award of some sort)

The best part, I bought Jennifer an overpriced PINK Tony Romo T-Shirt. I'm making her wear it for every game this year.


Josh R. said...

That stadium's cool and all, but have you seen the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa? It's at least one fiftieth the size of the Cowboys', and Celine Dion will be one of the opening acts. It has a big glass outside too. It's okay to be jealous.

Kristen said...

Oh how sad!! Zach - the Cowboys training camp is always in Oxnard so you can make it a yearly ritual. Jen - Don't do it. I love pink and all but T. Romo? Come on!!!

Zach said...

Last year was in San Antonio. They move around, Oxnard for a while, San Antonio, Austin, Wichita Falls, etc.

Kristen said...

Wow...good to know. I guess I didn't pay attention last year. I just remember friends going a couple of years. I was just distracted by my teams run for the super bowl last year. Go PACK!!

Jen said...

I will wear that pink shirt proudly!

Haley said...

I am glad you went. We had fun at the camp!
See you at work tomorrow. It's not as fun here without you! Also, I am tagging you to answer 6 questions about yourself. Go to my blog to see how it works. I am not sure if you do these little games, but if you want, give it a try.

DG said...

Correction: Tom Landry, A God EVERYWHERE.