Friday, January 22, 2010

News from Zach

I received my first letter from Zach last night.  I cried before I even opened it, because it has been an entire week since we last spoke. He is doing well, and has met some great guys that are helping him get through everything! He said his bunk mate has a very similar sense of humor as his and he is pretty sure they are going to get in a lot of trouble together. 

A funny story he told me in his letter had to do with tattoos.  For those of you who don't know (or haven't had the viewing pleasure): Zach has a tattoo on his buttock (that's what we have decided is the proper term).  Anywho, during inspections drill instructor after drill instructor kept coming in and yelling, "I need to see all tattoos."  And all of the guys in Zach's group had to stand there and try not to laugh as Zach exposed his buttock to each drill instructor.  Drill instructors are supposed to be very serious - I have a feeling the first one checked for tattoos and tried to hold their laughter till they were alone outside with the other instructors and then each of them had to see for themselves!  I'm sure Zach LOVED the attention!

They posted pictures on the OCS website today.  I poured over all the photos and I'm pretty sure he is only in one.  Here it is:

Can you see him?  Far left line!

There were other pictures, but I was glad I was unable to find him (kind of).  Mainly, because all the pictures after this all the boys all look the same - BALD!  Anyone that has been subjected to any amount of alone time with Zach or I has surely heard the story of Zach getting the urge to shave his head right before we left to spend New Years in NYC - it ended with me bawling hysterically because he has done a lot of damage to his head over the years - not really a pretty sight.  So, for all I know he could be in the picture, but they all look the same to me.

Then, I thought this picture was interesting even though Zach isn't in it (at least I don't think he is)!  But, it shows the barracks or the bunks, or whatever you want to call them. 

And for those of you that care:  I'm doing pretty good so far.  The toilet seat is never up so I'm able to just back up to it with no worries :-) , the amount of trash and laundry has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY, and the bed is all mine (expect for when Diesel wants to cuddle at night - and I always let him)!


Cara said...

Aw! So great! I laughed out loud about the word buttock and tattoo inspection. Glad you're hanging in there! And really happy that you got to hear from him finally-even if it is just a letter! Love you guys!

The Mrs. said...

good luck getting thru the next couple of weeks. You get into a routine and a grove pretty quickly. Time wont always fly, any one who tells you that is lying, but like everything its just one day at a time and then the days turn into weeks.

good luck and in a little bit you'll get full appreciation for the fun that comes with the Marine Corps. {shoot I even said that with a straight face!} seriously, its an amazing adventure filled with lows that can break you, but dont, and highs that until you experience them you couldn't have imagined it.

If you ever have any questions feel free to ask!

The Mrs. said...

ps. a tip... keep all your letters! I have containers filled with letters from boot camp, to flight school, deployments, TDYs with MEUs, everything and its amazing to go back years down the line and remember the ups and downs.

Jen said...

Thanks, Mrs. I have already found your blog incredibly helpful (along with others). I am looking forward to getting past the training period and into a place where I can find a good support group of wives wherever we end up.