Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Shower

I had an amazing baby shower this past weekend!  I can't believe that I have met so many wonderful women in the short time with have been in the Marines. 

The yummy spread!  :)

All these ladies are dying to get their hands on Dax! This will have to suffice for my 36 weeks picture.

I tend to test everything out on Diesel. He wasn't around so I had to test out this adorable bath towel myself.  :)

 This is me with baby Rivers!  Ugh!!!  I cannot wait to have my little man in my arms!!

In two days I will be considered full term at 37 weeks.  We're beyond ready.  This week I got pre-registered at the hospital, got the car seat checked by the police department, bags packed and ready to go, and the camera and video camera charged and ready to go.  On Saturday we have a private tour of the Labor and Delivery unit set-up so I can ask all of my last minute, neurotic, first time mom questions! So, feel free to come anytime, Daxton.  We're waiting to meet you!

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