Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Garden Tote!

Nerd Alert!!! Be warned, the following is incredibly nerdy. Just skip to the pictures if you can't handle the nerdiness!!!!

When you are a law student, you have to research law sometimes. You can either use a book, or you can use an online program like Westlaw or Lexis. The people at Westlaw and Lexis try to push their research products on law students early on, giving us all sorts of perks for using their product. They give us access for free while we are students, hoping that when we are lawyers, we'll be so used to using it that we'll pay for it. Anyway, they give you points for accessing their pages and doing research projects, and you trade in your points for prizes. It's like Chuck E. Cheese for law students. Oh man, I'm ashamed at how nerdy that is. I really didn't need to go into that to show you the new Garden Tote I got for Jennifer, but I just love sharing.

Jennifer demonstrating how she will use the new implements

Jennifer actually tilling the earth

Also, I had to get a couple pictures in of the dog. This is Diesel. He is ferocious.


Jen said...

Ha! Josh is a nerd too.....I get it! :)

Josh R. said...

Oh wow. I don't even know how you made that link happen.

I concede to your superior nerd prowess, and am secretly jealous that you get points for accessing your online databases.