Thursday, June 5, 2008

Get off my back, Kris! :)


This is for my friend Kris. She's been buggin me to post pics of our day at Disneyland. My friends Kris and Sasa are in my MBA classes with me. We have a class called Quantitative Analysis together and had to complete a group project on Queuing......I will spare you the nerdy details....but, basically, we had to observe a line. And what better place to observe a line than the "most magical place on earth." Oh yeah....and I drug Zach along and put him to work! :)

A few highlights from the day:
  1. Zach and I became proud season pass holders....Finally! Come and visit us so we can go to Disney!
  2. School can be fun!


realolivegreen said...

your blog is excellent. and that is one of the dirtiest pictures ever.

DG said...

Totally pornographic and absolutely fabulous.

DG said...

If you went to church whilst at Stupid Naz U, and if that church was OKC First and not Bethany First Country Club of the Nazbo, you might know the guy I'm posting about in my latest blip, which is called "Williams-Suckoma". His name is Greg. He's BFF with John, the current head pastor-man at OKC 1st.

Might be funny if you know him. Might also be funny if you don't.