Friday, June 13, 2008

New Job

I am now an Extreme Boot Camp Drill Instructor.
Allow me to explain...Let's Tarantino the story back to one week ago. I am looking for something to do part time around the area because gas is $4.70 and everyone from Texas has to drive a pick-up. Legal jobs--plenty in LA, but that is too far and not worth the gas for the pay. So, craigslist it is. Sunday I find a listing for a fitness boot camp instructor. I say to myself, "self, you are awesome, and you should do this." So I interview, and they say, "we'll hire you, but you have to make it through training week." I think, no biggie, . Half the dudes that started the week with me gave up (no girls gave up). Today I received my certificate and now I can yell at people to do more push-ups 5 days a week.

Oh, and this week I got a call from a law firm that is going to hire me full time and pay me for the summer. So now I gots two jobs! That's two more than Josh Reese


DG said...

Zach looks hot in his camo.

Jen said...

I think so too! ;)