Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Makin' Pa Proud......

On Friday nights Zach and I usually have our date night. I get off work an hour early so that we can beat the traffic on the 101 an head for On the Border (our favorite Tex Mex place). We just can't resist the 1/2 price queso. As far as I can tell - On the Border is the only place in LA that sells queso, so we drive a good 30-40min just to have it once a week. And, at $4.76 a gallon for gas I still think it's worth it! :) Anyway, as I was driving home to meet Zach I called to tell him that I had something very serious to tell him over queso that night. I let him know that this was a big lifestyle change for me. We get there and sit down, and I turn to Zach, take his hand in mine, take a deep breath, look him straight in the eye.......

"Honey, I want to become a gun owner."

He stares at me blankly for a couple of seconds and bursts into laughter.

I have to tell him the whole back story. As you might have read in Z's previous post he has become a boot camp instructor. So, that morning Zach had left the house at 4am while I continued to get my beauty rest. I woke up in a panic b/c i had a dream that a crazy family was unlocking our front door with a key, I screamed at them to get out, they wanted to come in and look at the apartment b/c it had been theirs at one point in time, I told them to jump off a bridge b/c it's an apartment and it looks like all of the other ones, Zach invited them in and was being oddly polite. Long story short they were just casing the place and came back later with a gun and robbed us. I had been thinking about getting a gun for protection for awhile now, and this just helped me make my decision.

So, I still believe that there should be strict gun laws (I mean seriously - they kill people and we pretty much give them away to idiots who have no idea how to use them) so I am going to take a gun safety course.

Skip ahead a couple of days. I tell Zach that I want a pink handgun.

Z: He laughs at me again. And says, "No way are you getting a pink handgun"

J: "I find it odd that you think this is up for discussion."

Z: "I never in a million years thought you would get a gun, let alone a pink one."

J: " it's been decided."

End of discussion. I guess I still have a little bit of that country blood in me after all !


realolivegreen said...

oh Lord...

DG said...

HA! That gun is beyond AWESOME.

I'm thinking about getting a handgun. We have a shotgun but it is just too darn messy with all of that birdshot pellet stuff in the shell. If I'm gonna shoot someone I want a clean shot, you know? Less mess to clean up.

I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, get the gun. You'll feel so empowered.

And, yes absolutely, take a safety course.

Josh R. said...

Wait, so dream happenings are a legitimate factor in making important life decisions? In that case, I am putting giant electric fences around my house because last night I had yet ANOTHER dream about velociraptors hunting me.

In all seriousness though, I am so proud of you for taking something so Kansas/Texas-ish and Californianizing it.

Jen said...

The gun is pretty amazing. I will keep everyone posted on my process.

DG~ Empowered and fashionable!

Josh~ I really think you should consider the fences. Better safe than sorry.