Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a quick update

Life in the Herbert house is busy, busy, busy. Zach is always working (Boot Camp instructor and as a law clerk). It's great having two incomes, but we're so busy we don't really have time to enjoy the big bucks. I have been super, crazy busy with work and school. I work 8 - 5 everyday, then go to classes two nights a week from 6 - 10pm. It is getting to that point in my semester when I am working on school stuff every single day. Despite our busy schedules, we did get to go out on a double date the other night - which was great!

The main reason I wanted to update y'all is to let you know that I have not given up on my efforts to obtain a pink hand gun. The other day we actually went to look at guns and inquire about a gun safety course. A couple of highlights from that trip.

1. I felt like I had stepped into another world (mind you - this is a gun shop in L.A.). When we walked through the door I felt like we were transported back to Texas.

2. The man behind the counter that helps with the purchase and handling of guns was......wait for it......CROSS EYED!!! Now, I am not normally judgmental...wait that's a total lie, but seriously - don't you think a requirement of the job would be to have perfect and STRAIGHT vision?! And this wasn't a slight cross. This was serious - the man's left eye looks directly at the right wall and the right looks at the left wall.

3. The man that they recommend to use for the gun safety course was.....wait for it the hospital with a mysterious injury of some sort. Z asked the cross-eyed man if it was from a gun shot wound. The cross-eyed man laughed nervously and then assured us that it wasn't. Bottom line, we have to wait a couple of weeks to call him so that he has time to regroup from his "injury."

Overall, I am sure this is a fine establishment. They had "Family Oriented" on their sign outside so they have to be legit, right?

My goals for the gun range:
1. Infiltrate the Good Ol' boys club at the gun range.
2. Take shooting lessons.
3. Watch my back when Crazy Eyes has a gun in his hand.

In other news, Z and I leave for Canada on Friday for the HIGHLY anticipated Herbert family reunion. Should be fun!


Josh R. said...

Am I sworn to secrecy too?

Laura Reese said...

Hey, I have an uncle...who is now an aunt...who owns a gun store... I don't know if that's the kind of person who can help you find a pink handgun, but it seems kind of likely, right?

Jen said...


Last I heard Z hated I guess you can do whatever you want. Maybe you should wait until you get that electric fence put up! :)


You must get me the hook-up with your uncle turned aunt. I think he/she is the man/woman for the job.

Zach said...

Well, good for us, the Supreme Court just determined that the right to bear arms is an individual constitutional right, thereby rejecting state laws that completely do away with gun ownership, but still allowing states to regulate gun ownership through licenses and concealed weapon permits.