Thursday, July 3, 2008


So my family is...wellllllllllllll...let's put it this way: Jennifer and I were dating, and she came to the ranch for a weekend. It was the first time she had spent time with the 'rents and the crazy sisters. After a memorable weekend, with a couple very loud family dinners, gun shooting, and my dad, she gazes deep into my eyes, and with a touch of pity, says, "now I understand."

So this past weekend she got to see the rest of the story, if you will. She got to experience where my dad came from.

My dad grew up in a small town outside Toronto. Not unlike the small town I come from. His upbringing is a story for him to tell someday, perhaps on Oprah, but if you know my dad, you'll be able to fill in the blanks. His siblings and parents are, as far as I can tell, ALL extroverts, type-A, opinionated, stubborn, etc. (Pretty much just like me, my sisters, and my dad). Everyone is this way except for his dad, Grandpa Herbert. G Herb is sweet, caring, nurturing, patient, and quiet. (Pretty much the opposite of everyone around him). Jennifer immediately liked him, and was at his elbow constantly.

So I brought the video camera at my fazha's request, and proceeded to film the entire weekend. I very quickly figured out that everyone in my family (all chiefs and no braves) wished to be the emcee for the weekend. I compiled this little clip for your viewing pleasure:

Now all I have to do is edit out all the scenes where we are eating, and all that will be left will be shots of the kids playing with this.


Josh R. said...

So, I'm a little confused. Was this the first annual Herbert family reunion?

DG said...

Wait a minute. I thought it was the Hebert family reunion. Are you telling me that you aren't Heberts? You're Herberts? I couldn't quite catch the name properly. THEY JUST DIDN'T SAY IT ENOUGH.

DG said...

Oh. And have I mentioned how much I luuuurrrrrve Canadians?

I love Canadians.

Jen said...

As Herbert's we love to say it & wear it (as you can see with the matchy matchy shirts. :) Families are fun!