Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just another day at work

Bet you I had more fun at work than Josh Reese did holding human intestines in.

Here's what happened. I go to work on Friday to job #2 of 3. This job I like. It's working as a law clerk for this one guy who practices Real Estate. It's just he and his secretary, but I get my own office. So I walk into the building in sandals (not flip-flops or chacos) and shorts and a t-shirt. You already know it's a good job. The attorney is in his 40s and looks exactly like Robert Barone from "Everybody loves Raymond." He's got the low voice and is ridiculously tall. Anyway, I'm researching something for him around 12 o'clock, and he says, "Hey Zach, you want to go to a boat show?"
I say, "Heck yeah, I want to go to a boat show!"
He looks surprised. "Really?"
"Then let's go!"

So I get into his Jaguar, and we drive to Oxnard, CA (15 minutes away, it's on the coast, north of Malibu). We get to the marina, and he says, "I have to spray off my boat first." This guy has a huge sailboat, with 3 separate bedrooms, a kitchen, and all that jazz. So I go with him to spray off the boat. This guy loves his boat. He gave me a tour, and the whole time he was like, "It's such a pretty day, I'd love to take it out" and I'm all "Sure! Do it!" After spraying it off, we walk back to the car to go to the boat show, and he's real torn. "Oh man," he says, "It's such a great day, I would love to take the boat out."
I say, being the eternal devil-on-your-shoulder, "You're the boss, you can do what you want, let's go!"

So we go sailing. He lets me drive. It was awesome. We get out to the ocean, away from everything, and you can totally tell that this boat is my boss's Zen, you know? His face says it all, just peaceful and without any care in the world. I'm so tickled that I'm on a sailboat in the middle of the work day, I look at him and say, "you've got to take a picture of me." All I had was my cell phone, so this is the picture that I sent Jennifer without any explanation at noon on Friday:

Needless to say, I had a good day at work.


Josh R. said...

Just to clarify, I was holding intestines outside of the person's body, not in.

And it was on a sailboat.

In the ocean.

DG said...

Sort of like "the worst day on the golf course is better than the best day in the office..." except the worst day on a boat could be very bad indeed. Like, you know, being on the boat in the middle of a tsunami wave. That would be bad.

Anyhoo, sounds like a stellar day to me!