Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 month recap


Took finals, then drove straight to Texas, then to Missouri, then to Vegas, then to LA.


Started last semester of Law School, All "On the Border" restaurants in LA shutdown. Decide to definitely move back to Texas. Pay ridiculous sums of money for Bar Exam.


V-day in Hollywood, Zochs come to visit, Carl throws up, Zach throws up.


Spring Break in Dallas. Really decide to move back to Texas.

Next: Interviews and the Crawfish Boil!


Melony & Todd Dame said...

Wow, sounds pretty eventful. I had no idea that On the Border has shut down. How sad, I really liked that place. Is it throughout the US too? Oh and the Crawfish Boil reminds me of Alabama, that was so much fun!

realolivegreen said...

holler!!! i'm so glad we got a shout-out and i'm even more glad you have blogged.

Jason Smith said...

Wait. Todd Dame knows the Herberts? I went to high school with Todd Dame.

Jen said...

Melony~ No, they only shut them down in the LA area. However, they just opened one in LAX. We were sure to find it and make sure we schedule our flights around meal times! :)

Jason~ We don't really know Todd. I use to work with his wife, Melony, at Pepperdine