Wednesday, April 8, 2009


**Jen's point of view**

So I got stir crazy. I go to school and sit in a windowless classroom. I go to work and sit in a windowless cubicle. I drive to these places while sitting in a windowless car...wait. *I do all the same things and my idea of relaxing is not to subject myself to absolute torture. My mind goes straight to the spa*

I sold some stuff on ebay and decided to check out backpacks on craigslist. People in LA are awesome when it comes to craigslist. I've decided that if I can buy everything I own on craigslist, then I'll somehow reach a sort of Zen. **If by Zen you mean Jen's backpack smells like an ashtray** But that is for another post. I found high-end backpacks that people had used once and then forgot about. I found them for CHEAP. I told Jennifer: we are going into the wilderness! Jennifer was like, "yay." **And by yay I think he means not yay!**

So i packed the bags with things I found around the house and Wal-Mart (by the way, Wal-Mart is the bomb for camping stuff for cheap. Forget REI. And forget women's rights.) I made sure Jen's was lighter than mine. **lighter yes, but were carrying the same percentage compared to our body weight** Because I wuv her. **And by wuv he must mean hate, b/c I have the blisters, sunburn, and back pain to prove it**

So after stopping for sunglasses for Jen, we get to the trailhead. **Zach refused to let me go into our gas station that we always go to: where I know I can get my perfect sunglasses, and also my favorite candy (b/c Zach only remembered his candy), so we ended up stopping at like 3 different gas stations not finding the things we needed all b/c Z couldn't be bothered to make a quick stop at our gas station. The funny part is that he already had to stop at our gas station to drop off some mail that had to go out that day, BUT he couldn't be bothered to allow me just 5 min to find good sunglasses and pick up some Sour Punch Straws - SELFISH?? I'll let you decide.** We are hiking the Sespe River Trail in the Los Padres National Forest. Just an hour and a half away.

Look at that! Out in the middle of NATURE **Nowhere**! It was awesome. **Also, Zach forgot to mention to me that there were several river crossings - which means you have to cross the river on slippery rocks and just hope that you don't go down with your bag and all the contents** We started out sandwiched between two groups so we stopped for a dip after a couple of hours. And by dip I mean I swam and Jen took pictures of me.

I'm flexing.

We saw some awesome views, vistas, sights, scenery, outlooks, lookouts and such. **I'll give Zach that was BEAUTIFUL**
**I like wild flowers. AND, Zach does "wuv" me, because he did make me this walking stick so that I could cross the river a million times. Oh....and please note that I am wearing shorts. Zach assured me it was a wide open trail and that shorts would be fine. I have the scrapes and bruises to prove that shorts were not acceptable attire.**

After a while (7 1/2 miles) we get tired, so we decide to make camp, as they say. We found a great place next to the river with nobody around.

When we get all set up, a group of 15 crashes through the river and plops down right next to us. We have loud large lady, pimply-faced-high-pitched-voiced-preteen boys, and lots of know-it-all dads. Jennifer and I are watching them (and by watching I mean glaring) to see if they are going to set up camp next to us. We are in 1.75 million acres of national forest, BTDub. Jennifer is like, "go ask them." I'm like, "I'm so annoyed right now, that no matter how hard I try, I'll come across real abrasive (meaning: someone'll get punched in the sternum)." So Jen goes over and says, "are you guys camping here?" To which the dumbfounded dad says, "no, we don't camp next to the water, it's too dangerous." Jen says, "okay." Turns around and goes back to our tent, set up right next to the water.

We get through the freezing night, water-danger and all. Note to self: one summer sleeping bag and two fleece blankets = not enough for two people and 30 degree nights. **But, a dose of Benedryal will make it a little better** We mutually decide that we'll trek back and get some McDonald's (our once-a-year treat that we feel we have deserved). We got back in 3 and a half hours. When we got out of the truck in the McD's parking lot, we were both walking like 90 year-olds. Ready to do it again this weekend Jen? **Umm...NO! I'll be relaxing at the beach if you need me! :-) **


Josh R. said...

Maybe if you'd have had a few more bandanas, you could have fashioned them into a blanket and been warm enough.

Zach said...

Maybe if I had you with me, we could have cuddled for warmth.

realolivegreen said...

please blog more with each point of view. i love it.