Monday, April 27, 2009

Too much fun

After the long awaited Crawfish Boil and all of its splendor dissipated, Jen and I went down to San Diego so I could interview for a Yob. We stayed in a hotel in the Gas Lamp District, and took zero pictures. After the interview, Jen was like, where do you want to go, the Zoo or Sea World? I said, emphatically, like a high-pitched tween, "SEA WORLD"!!!!! I've always wanted to go, ever since I saw "Free Willy."

It was more than amazing. We saw the Budweiser Horses.

We saw Shamu. Note that the stadium looks a lot like a mega church. It was pretty much "believe" this and "spiritual connection" that. After they gave a little boy a pendant necklace and let him feed and pet shamu, I ran down, punched the kid in the face, and stole the necklace. Not really. Really.

Then we saw Sharks.


Sea lions.


and Dolphins.

It was awesome.


Tom & Allie Steele said...

Love that Zach is standing with the Budweiser Clydesdales all excited like it's his favorite beer and yet wearing Corona shorts.

Zach said...

That's Awesome!! I didn't notice that at all!

Laura Reese said...

If you wanted to see Willy, you should have gone up to Oregon. That's where she (yes, she) lived after the movie. Then they actually did set her free. It turns out human-dependent whales should not be released into the wild.

I invented whales.

Zach said...

Laura: your comment was only okay because of your last line.

Josh R. said...

Best. Picture. Ever.

realolivegreen said...

I want to go to SEA WORLDDDDD!!!!

realolivegreen said...

ps-Laura. Stop saying Oregon.

Jen said...

California is sooo much better than Oregon could ever hope to be. That's all I have to say.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Sea World in (San Antonio) Texas really bites, so don't waste your $$. Sea World Orlando ~ Now that one rocks. And the picture of Shamu outside his tank is totally funny....wrong, but funny :-)