Monday, April 27, 2009

Country in the Desert equals awesome

At the last minute, Jennifer and I decided that we had to go to Stagecoach before we left California. Stagecoach is a country music festival that happens every year around this time (finals time) and is located in the desert. I was very responsible and studied very hard on Saturday so we could go for the Sunday show. It was hot during the day and cold at night (much like a desert). The crowd was pretty diverse, some preppy boys from San Francisco sat next to us, but we moved after one of their inebriated compatriots argued with me about how it's okay to lean on me because she was taking a picture.

Here is the crowd and the stage.

Lady in front of us, didn't get a video, but suffice it to say she was a dancer.

Couple self pic.
Awesome self pic of me. I should be a Texas State Trooper.
This dude was playing the piano, singing, and somehow steering it (it was on wheels).

When the sun goes down!!
At the end of the night. We were tired. We got home around 2:30 AM.

Here are some copyright - infringing videos:

Kid Rock (yes Kid Rock and yes he sang his old stuff and yes it was awesome)

Kenny Chesney No Shoes No Shirt No Problem

Kenny Chesney She thinks my Tractor's Sexy

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Josh R. said...

Please tell me you traded your Ram straight up for that piano.