Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The END is near...

Well...I am done with my job! Yay! My days have been filled with packing & organizing. It's amazing how much junk we accumulated over the last 3 years. A couple of weeks ago we came to the decision that we were going to move as light as possible. We had to love it, want it, and need it. If the item didn't fit all three categories then it was to be sold or donated. Don't ask me how, but Zach's cowboy hat some how qualifies for all three categories - I guess it makes sense, b/c we are moving to TEXAS!!!

Ummmm...and did 3 years come and go so fast? I feel like we just moved to California. We have had so much fun in the past 3 years (probably more fun than a couple should have when one is enrolled in law school). BUT, that's the way the Herberts roll.

Zach is finishing up his last final tomorrow! Whoop!!! Then we are off to Palm Springs for some much deserved R&R.

I am currently applying for jobs in the Dallas area. If you want to give me a job I would gladly accept. I guess my sugar momma status is still intact.

We are sad to be leaving sunny, beautiful California - and our ocean view. But, we are super excited about being closer to all friends and family (except Josh Reese).



Josh R. said...

So I'm in the "friends and family" category?

Also, I hate Zach.

realolivegreen said...

WOO HOOO!!! This means you're one step closer to the iSync dinner 09. holla!

Zach said...

My wife is so funny!

Cara: What are we syncing? Crawfish boil pictures?

Josh: I think you read that last part wrong.

Jen said...

Okay...Cara~ I'm going to leave you in charge of this, but Zach is obviously a poor listener and if you want to uninvite him to the iSync dinner you have my blessing!