Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm not an Esquire, not yet a J.D.

Done. Done done done. I would like to not go to school for a while, say, the rest of my life. I finished on Thursday, did the victory walk outside, and checked out the ocean. I then called Josh Reese to tell him I'm done and remind him how long he has before he gets his M.D.

Jennifer and I left for Palm Springs the next day, and hardly took any pictures. We just sat by the pool and relaxed. It was awesome. Now we are packing, because I have to start my Bar Review classes on Monday (in Texas).

I am now 25 and getting ready to be an adult. It's weird. I have a list I'm formulating in my head of things to do before I die. I told Josh one of them is to get into a western-style bar fight. He told me that he is pretty sure people pay to do those things through an escort service. I told him that's from an episode of C.S.I. Silly M.D., reality is for Lawyers!

I'll leave you with the best picture of our trip. As far as I can tell, it is for "moving" and not "mobing". And the sign author did not learn his lesson that the word "demolition" does not fit on one sign.


Lisa-tastrophies said...

You are probably here already, so this is a little late, but

Jen said... was a little late. Thanks for the welcome, but we already high-tailed it back to California. Texas summer defeats the weak!