Monday, July 27, 2009

Umm...yeah....we moved back to California.

May: Zach graduated from Law School. We moved to Texas. Zach started studying for the BAR exam.

June: Zach continues to study. I get a job at Malibu Floors after working in Malibu, CA for the last three years. That's what I call serendipitous. Man - Texas is a scorcher during the summer. We eat tons of TexMex!! Yummmmy!

July: Zach continues to study. Takes a break for the 4th of July. We ride the Harley out to the ranch for a good time with family and friends. We continued to eat more TexMex. We start to wonder if we made the right decision to move to Texas. Job opportunity, friends, connections, three years of a life are waiting for us in California - oh yeah....and fabulous weather and the ocean view. I got a call from Pepperdine offering me a promotion, working in my same department. We do what we do best - live life in the fast lane. Within a week we had plans to move back to Calabasas/Malibu, I had a job and we had a place to live.

So, I am currently back in California working at Pepperdine and can't wait for Zach to get here next week.

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realolivegreen said...

you guys are so awesome. we hope to copy your initiative in moving someday. in the meantime, i guess we'll just have to visit again. :)