Friday, July 31, 2009

Man that was hard (she said)

Done with the Texas Bar. The Practice Bar if you will. That's because I'll probably be taking the California bar as well in February. Can't. Wait.

The experience of taking a 3 day exam was not as awesome as you would think. I checked into the HoJo Monday night and spent three nights there. After the first night I began talking to myself. After the second night I began making sound effects. Josh Reese called every night and left drunken messages.

When I got out of the last day, I let out a 5 hour sigh. I then kidnapped the director of the bar exam and held her for ransom. Not really. Really.

Time to find a job and be an adult. It will be real weird to never go to school again ever ever ever. Not really. It will be awesome.

And I'll need to shave my manly manly beard.

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