Thursday, September 3, 2009

Surf and Sun

So right now, we are livin' it up in California. We moved to Texas and back just to move across the street! I finally got the loft all ready for guests (except for Josh Reese), and organized my tools in a new toolbox (manly, I know).

Jen and I have been to the beach every weekend since we moved back. I bought a used surfboard. Hilarious, since I lived here for three years, but never got one. Also hilarious, because it came from Oklahoma. I went into the surf shack in Malibu, asked if they had any used board over 9 feet, and he said, "actually, we just got one in from Oklahoma!" Apparently they moved to OK, brought their surfboard, then realized there is no use for one there! Just like an OKIE.

So it is big and yellow, and I'm thinking of nicknames. I'm also thinking of getting a rack for my Harley.

I'm also thinking of getting a job. (more on that later).
Surfboard on the Jetta.
Future surfboard rack.

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Cara said...

BAD A. The motorcycle look is tight.