Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 more days

Christmas was great, New Year's was awesome, but it's great to be back in California, 70 and sunny right now. Jealous?

Jen and I decided to do the whirlwind family Christmas tour this year, which means flying to KC, then DFW, then back to LA, all in a week. We thought it wasn't going to happen, as a blizzard was closing MCI the day before our flight, but we made it! (14 hours of travel time). The toughest part of the holidays for me was sticking to my diet. You see, to go to officer training in the Marines, you have to arrive physically fit. The height/weight chart says that guys of the perfect height (5'10") must be 192 lbs or less. Two months ago I was 206. I am now happy to report that I've shed the necessary weight, but it wasn't easy!

Now that the east coast is reporting record freezing temperatures, I'm sure I'll miss that extra 10 pounds of fat!

So I'll be leaving on the 15th (10 days!). I'll fly from LAX to Washington, DC. Then I'll take a bus an hour south to Quantico, VA. No email, internet, phone, or caffeine for 10 weeks! I'll graduate and commission as a 2nd Lieutenant on March 26 (feel free to come!). If you're interested, there is a great article and video on OCS here. I'm not doing the two 6 week summers, that's for college students. I'm doing it all in 10 weeks, but it's pretty much the same thing.

Finally, feel free to write me while I'm up there. I'll be assigned a company and platoon when I arrive, which I'll send to Jen. You can contact her for the address.

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