Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best weekend ever!

Hello family, friends, and blog stalkers! ;-)

Drum roll please.........the trip update!

Friday night I took a red eye flight to D.C.  In the LAX airport I had my first political "celebrity" sighting.  Living in L.A. we have seen tons of celebs and a lot of them have been at the LAX airport.  Anywoo, John Kerry was getting frisked at security as I breezed through!  I smiled at him as I got through security in a matter of minutes and refrained from taunting, "nanner nanner nanner"!!  The best part about a red eye flight was that it wasn't full and I was able to have the entire row to myself!  I was able to lay down and actually get a couple of hours of sleep. I got into D.C. at 6:45am (really 3:45am to me), so I was pretty much in a complete haze.  Got out of the airport, picked up the rental car, and made it to the hotel with no problems.  I must have looked awful, because the guest service agent at the hotel took complete pity on me and got me checked-in to a room at 8am when check-in time is at 3pm.  I was able to get a couple hours of sleep - although it was difficult because I was so pumped about seeing Zach!

I get to the base a little before 12:30 (the time I'm supposed to pick Zach up).  I was worried that I was going to be late, because I got lost on base.  I stopped and asked for directions and everyone was so nice and helpful (I think I'm going to like military life).  I got to the parking lot I was told to wait in for Zach (yes - a parking lot, no - not a building)!  I know I am in the right place because there are other wives there (some with children).  And we being our wait!  1pm, 2pm, 3pm (the kids are really starting to get fussy and I feel like crying with them), 4pm (other guys are coming out one by one, but no Zach) 5pm, 6pm (by this time I start to get a little weepy, these Marines are messing with my hormones)!  Zach was finally released at 7pm.  I had a feeling I knew what happened after talking to one of the moms that was also waiting in the parking lot.  The mom proceeded to tell me that at 2pm they called a Captain to find out what was taking so long (big no no)!  The guys got reamed for having someones mommy call!  It is very explicit on the OCS website that you try and contact your marine only in a time of emergency (and even then you're supposed to have the Red Cross notify them). 

Zach and I had a wonderful (but very short time) together.  All of the things I get to enjoy every day Zach was able to do this weekend (take time eating a meal, sleep for more than 4 hours at night, take a long shower, take a nap).  Plus, it was just wonderful to be in his arms again.  He looks great and has lost I would say at least 15 lbs!  He's so lean and muscular (and his abs are really starting to show).  The funniest part is that he eats like a pig.  He says he's on the Michael Phelps diet.  I was even okay with the haircut.  Of course ever time I saw a Marine passing by while I was waiting to pick up Zach and I had to stare intently to see if it was him, because they all look the same! I only took 2 pictures the entire trip and they were in the last hour of my visit.  I'll have to post them later (they're still sitting on my camera).

It was heart wrenching to have to leave him.  I was sad when he left (duh), but this was way more hard!  I know what it feels like now to have him so far away and to have limited contact with him. 

In 4 1/2 weeks he graduates!  We decided it is just too long to wait and see each other again, so I am planning another trip.  We are thinking the weekend of the 13th would be perfect.  To make it even more perfect our 5 year anniversary is on March 12th.  It kind of a big deal! ;-)

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Cara said...

YAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! I can't believe you waited 6.5 hours for him! HOW RUDE!!! I'm glad you had a good time. And I'm glad you get to see him again! YAY!!! Can't wait till graduation!