Thursday, February 18, 2010


They just posted new pics of OCS on the website! Zach isn't in any of them, but I know a lot of people were wondering what he's been up to.

I get chills looking at this picture.  Of course it has been in the low 80s here for the past week! I'm spoiled! Zach told me about this.  He didn't fall in that icy water, but he did see a guy that did.  They sent him back to change clothes so he could do it again.  Guess what?  He fell in AGAIN!! Poor guy!

In other news:  I will be in Zach's arms in less than 48 hours!! I cannot wait for this visit.  We already have a trip to On The Border planned (our favorite restaurant)!  I have been CRAVING tex mex like mad crazy, and Zach has been eating cafeteria food for 5 weeks! It's a win-win!

I am now convinced that our little jelly bean is a boy - I'm not sure why!  I just decided this week that I feel very strongly that it's a boy.  Time will tell!

I'll check-in after my visit to Quantico!


Jessica said...

First of all... did I know you were pregnant?? It's very likely that we could have had a whole conversation about this and it's slipping my mind (you just wait) but just in case.. congratulations!! I really hope I don't sound like a crazy lady right now.
Second.. I was somehow kept out of the loop the whole time my husband was in OCS. I never knew there were pics that I could look at! I know he would take middle of the summer Georgia over all that snow any day!

Cara said...


Jen said...

Jessica~ You sound like a pregnant, CRAZY woman! Yes! We "talked" about it! Pregnancy brain! :)