Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm off to see Zach in just 12 days!

Holy Cow!!!  We are almost there!!! 

I was able to talk to Zach this weekend.  We talked for hours!  It honestly feels like we are dating right now.  It's weird!  He is doing really well.  I think he is finally at that point where he can see that the end is near.  The good news: I leave to see Zach in just 12 days (Oh my goodness - only 12 days)!!  Woohoo!  I'll be able to spend the weekend with him, have 3 days to find an apartment and really explore the area (I should know more than that there is an On The Border - ha), family day, graduation day, and then another glorious weekend together before I head back to California to get all packed up for the big move to Virginia.  Zach may or may not be able to come back to help me.  We are hoping he can for no other reason than that he really needs to say goodbye to the ocean - *sniff*. 

I couldn't be more proud of Zach and all he has accomplished.  Here is a picture of my Marine!  I can't wait until I get to see him in those dress blues!


Tony Arechiga said...

i have to say he looks like the happiest marine i've ever seen. Most of these pics are very depressing haah

CONGRATS ZACH! now get to work!

Cara said...

He's going to be so yummy in those dress blues! Can't wait to celebrate with you guys! EEEK! It's almost here! Glad to hear he's doing better.