Friday, April 2, 2010

2nd Lieutenant Herbert

Here are some highlights from Zach's graduation from OCS.  I haven't had a lot of time to sort out our video and pictures (more on that later), but why would you even care about my work when I have professional photos to share! Zach and I are lucky enough to be good friends with a professional photographer and his wife.  I hope he knows that we're not using him for his talent (we were friends long before we ever knew he would become a professional photographer). 

Please check out Carl Zoch at!  He does amazing work (and is willing to travel).  You know someone is a great friend when they are willing to travel cross country only to sit in the pouring rain to watch you graduate.  Not to mention, the airline lost their luggage and they didn't even have an umbrella - such troopers! Enjoy!

 Zach & Carl
 Taking the oath
 Trying to pin him despite not being able to see the tops of his shoulders!
 I am so proud of him!
 First salute!
 So handsome
So proud of my Marine!

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