Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Jelly Bean:

Here you are at 14 weeks:

All I can say is: "Lord, please let that head not get too much bigger!" ;-)

I love you more and more everyday.  Your daddy wants you to be here today, but I still need a little more time.  I already talk and sing to you everyday.  I also dance with you - I'm pretty sure you're going to have some pretty sweet dance moves that you've learned from your mommy.  I rub you and pat you all day long - people make fun of me all the time because my hands are always on my belly. I can't help it!  I'm just constantly aware that you're with me.  It has been so wonderful to have you keep me company while your dad was away for OCS.

I can't wait to kiss your sweet face.


1 comment:

Jessica said...

This is too sweet and that is a great picture!

I'll tell you this story to hopefully make you feel a little bit better. My belly was measured at my appointment on Thursday and I'm measuring about 2 weeks ahead of my due date (yes, 21 weeks!). The nurse says either that or you have quite a big baby!!

All I could think was "ouch".

I love how you are dancing with the little jelly bean. My hands are constantly on my belly as well :)