Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holy Cow - it's update time!

I'm going to try and cover the past month and half in 1 (hopefully not too long) post. 

April 3rd - We celebrated our 5 year anniversary (March 12th is our actual anniversary) at our favorite Malibu restaurant - Geoffrey's.

April 6th - We did our last beach day.  It was a windy day, but we braved the elements anyway.

This is me at 16 weeks (sorry that it's my last belly pic).  I'm now 21 1/2 weeks and I promise to have Zach take a picture asap!  It's long overdue.

April 7th - The movers came and packed up everything - I watched!  It's the best way for a pregnant woman to move.  I didn't freak out either!  It helped that Zach was able to come home and help out.

April 8th - We hopped on a plane for VA and began to settle into our new home. (I promise to take pics of the new place soon).  Here's me with flowers I planted on our balcony.  My attempt at making this our new "home." This is my planter that I got at the Malibu flea market!

April 10th - We spent the day exploring D.C.  It was so much fun.  Zach's friend from law school lives and works there and was kind enough to show us around.  We didn't get a chance to see everything because walking all over D.C.  is a little exhausting for a pregnant woman. We'll be back though.  We only live 30 min away!

April 15th - was Zach's 26th birthday.  We celebrated with a new motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle ride, and dinner at Applebee's for military appreciation night with some friends.

April 26th - The BEST DAY EVER!!!!  We had an ultrasound.  Zach was able to go and see our little baby moving around in there for the first time.  We found out that we're having a boy!!!  His name is Daxton (Dax) Edward Herbert.  Daxton is just a name that we love (it means leader), and Edward is Zach's grandfather's name.  He passed away in January.  So, bring on the blue, sports, and trucks!!

May 1st - My little brother got married!  It was so fun to see family and watch these two wonderful people join their lives together.  I'm 20 weeks here, but it's not the best of belly shots.

Last week I went to an all day class learning how to be a Marine wife - and it's not easy.  There is so much for me to learn.  Zach had 10 weeks to be fully immersed in the Marine culture and now it's catch-up time for me.  I'm trying to learn all the acronyms, lifestyle rules, etc.  Zach works VERY long hours - at least 15 hours a day, so we're both trying to get use to that.  I also went to a Budget for Baby Class on base (the Marines are great about offering activities/classes for all family members).  I basically learned that we'll never be able to afford babies.  ;-)  I did, however, walk away with a bag of baby swag - full of outfits, crib sheets, a blanket made by a volunteer, etc.

And if you're not bored out of your mind yet - this brings me to Mother's day weekend!!  My very first.  I know Dax isn't here yet, but technically I'm still a mommy and took full advantage of the day/weekend.   On Saturday we went to the Marine Corp Museum.  We had not been there since Zach's graduation.  It was nice being able to enjoy it without the mobs of graduates and crying moms and wives.


Then, I drug Zach to Babies R Us.  We were able to register for baby Dax.  It was exciting/overwhelming to register, but we conquered it together! Saturday night we went out with 4 other couples for Mexican food (Dax loves Mexican food).  It's been so nice meeting other wives that understand what I'm going through.  We all know we're only here temporarily, but we're making the best of it!  On Sunday Zach showered me with funny mommy gifts!  Here I am with all of them!

It includes flowers, a mommy hat, a mom cookie cake, a snuggie (everyone should own one - seriously), a stuffed dog, and sugar covered worms (this is my favorite candy)!!!

We then spent the rest of the day at the park on the banks of the Rappahannock River.  It's the closest thing we have to a beach around here! We took Diesel with us and we played Bocce Ball and Frisbee.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Diesel is such a beach snob! Okay - maybe we're beach snobs.....we can't help it!

This is Virginia (our new home)!

Finally, Zach was able to feel Dax kick last night for the first time!!!  I've been able to feel him moving around in there for awhile, so it was wonderful to be able to finally share it with Zach.  We have a soccer player or the next karate kid on our hands. 

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