Monday, July 12, 2010

30 week apt.


I just had my 30 week apt this morning.  The reason I chose this practice was because of one particular doctor.  I hated the fact that there were seven docs in this practice so I could end up having any one of them deliver my baby, but went with them anyway because of this amazing doctor.  I couldn't believe I had moved to Virginia and found a California doctor that not only supported my birthing method, but her daughter was even doing my birthing method. Anyway....she's been on this mysterious "leave of absence" for a month or so and I was starting to get a little nervous.  I've become friends with the nurse and I have asked her about the doctor every time I come to the office.  Today I received some good news!  The nurse had just received an e-mail this morning saying that my doctor had moved to another practice, and she gave me her new contact information. She still delivers at the same hospital and still practices in the area.  Long story short: within and hour of leaving my doctors appointment I had my next appointment with the doctor of my choice, my medical records sent, and I learned that she is one of two doctors in the practice.  That means the chance of her delivering my baby are soooooo much higher! Huge sigh of relief!

Zach is out in the field all week - which means I probably won't see or hear from him until Friday night.  The good news is that my good friend Cara is coming to spend the week with me!  Yay!

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Mrs. Wifey said...

Glad you got things squared away. 10 more weeks, and a beautiful new baby! You are blessed!