Sunday, July 11, 2010

30 weeks

Only 10 weeks left!!  I don't know if it was the heat wave this week or just hitting the 30 week mark, but.... I. AM. DONE.  So ready for this baby to get here! Of course, we're not prepared at all.  We have a crib, a crib mattress (bought for $20, b/c I'm thrifty like that), and some baby clothes.  We'll get there though. 

Speaking of adorable baby clothes.........we got a great spread of goodies from Zach's aunt!  When I opened this package I seriously sat in the car and just bawled.  Baby jeans and baby shoes are my weakness.  Thank you so much, Aunt Esther!!

Daxton isn't the only one making bank in the clothing department.  I met a fellow Marine wife that let me borrow her maternity clothes.  It was such a huge blessing!! My maternity wardrobe went from this:

to this:

Thanks, Tina!!

And here is the 30 week belly pic featuring one of the new dresses I borrowed from Tina.


alfburg03 said...

I can't wait. You look so cute - and it looks like you are already carrying a little lower! But maybe it is just the picture. Kent's app for the JAG was just re-submitted. We will find out by the end of this month or early next.

Jen said...

Hey, Amy! Everyone tells me that!! But, you're right - he hangs out really low. He's been head down and low this entire pregnancy. I hope he decides to stay that way the whole time and doesn't decide to change positions at the last minute. So good to hear that Kent re-submitted his app! You better let us know the second you find out! ;-)