Thursday, December 9, 2010

North Carolina

A couple of weeks ago we made our way down from Quantico, VA to Camp Lejeune, NC with all our possessions in a budget truck. Jen drove the Mom Car. I drove the truck and towed the Jetta behind. As with all road trips involving Herberts, there is a story:

It's pitch black, no street lights, no moon. I'm on some back country road going as fast as I can (55), when a deer appears in my headlights! No time to brake, no time to swerve, I run over the beautiful animal with my front and back tires. I immediately stop, worried that the Jetta is ruined. In fact, It is just very, very dirty. The truck minced up the deer, spraying the entire front and side of my car with deer juice. I stopped at the next gas station and left what remained for them in their parking lot. When I went inside, I said, "I'm sure you get this all the time." I then reported my deposit, and promptly departed.

Jen and I are now in a rent house that overlooks a river:

We have another month and a half before we leave for Newport, RI for 10 weeks of Naval Justice School, where I will learn about military law and be finally certified as a Judge Advocate. I've enjoyed watching my little guy change every day:

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