Wednesday, February 2, 2011

our crazy life

I am sure the world thinks we are crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

We are currently in Newport, RI (living in a hotel with a 4 1/2 month old and a dog).  We are here for 10 weeks for Zach to go to Naval Justice School.  It is actually not so bad.  Newport is beautiful (except I'm not a big fan of all the snow).  Here are a few pics of the area. I hope the snow starts melting soon and we can take more pictures.

 This is the view from our hotel room.

I love this!!

It feels a little like being at summer camp.  We are here with a bunch of friends we met while in Virginia.  I hangout with my girlfriends all day (while they spoil Dax rotten).  He is going to wonder what happened to all his special ladies when we leave here in 10 weeks and he is stuck with boring mom all day again! :) The upsides to living in a hotel: Someone cleans my bathroom, takes out my trash, and makes my bed - so I guess Dax isn't the only one being spoiled. You won't hear me complaining.  The down side: I'm pretty sure my little man is starting to teeth and sometimes gets a little cranky.  It makes me anxious, because I am afraid we are disturbing everyone in the hotel.  It's also a little claustrophobic.  We have a kitchenette, but you are basically living in your bedroom.  Plus, we have a million baby things everywhere so it feels very cluttered. We are ready to move into our house in NC.

In other crazy news:  We are expecting again and couldn't be happier!  Jellybean #2 is scheduled to arrive on August 23rd.  My kiddos will be 11 months apart. Here is Jellybean #2 (taken about 4 weeks ago).

Dax went to get his 4 month check-up today (he's really 4 1/2 months).  Here are the stats:

Head: 41.9cm (30%)
Weight: 16lb 11oz (73%)
Height: 26in (81%)

Here's what everyone wants to see:
He always has his fingers in his mouth


Amanda H. said...

Haha, we won't be the only ones with two under two!!! Congrats, guys! :)

The Hensons

Kari said...

Wow, that does sound like a crazy, fun life! I miss all you girls, but I'm glad you all have each other to hang out with. Are you all in the same hotel? Speaking of that, how many people can say that they LIVED in a HOTEL? That is awesome! That's no fun that Dax is cranky- that wears on you after awhile. Is he napping okay? I know that if Rivers is awake for more than 2 hours he gets cranky. I have to be sure he gets 3 naps a day otherwise we have a cranky boy on our hands. I'm sure being in a hotel makes napping a bit difficult though. haha-And I'm totally an expert on babies too because I've been a mom 2 months longer than you:) Anyways, love the updates on your cute fam.

Cara said...

You guys are troopers for sure! He's changing all the time it seems like. Miss you guys!