Thursday, June 9, 2011

I promise I'll do better! March 2011 update

We need to keep this updated better.  I know I can probably no longer use the move as an excuse.  After all, we have been living in NC now for 2 months now!

In March we were still being troopers.  All 4 (almost 5 of us) living in a hotel room in Newport, RI.  By March we were all a little stir crazy!!  Lucky for us, we were surrounded by wonderful friends.  Zach and I were able to go away overnight for the first time since Daxton was born to celebrate 6 years of marriage!  Hard to believe we've made it this long - I kid! :)

I cried as I left my baby for the first time.  Once we got on the road to New York City I started to relax.  I knew we had left Daxton and Diesel in great hands!

Zach and I went to NYC several years ago for New Years and we stayed in a terrible motel.  It was so bad that I would spray the bed everyday for bedbugs and put clean sheets from home on the bed.  If anyone knows my grandma they would say I probably got this crazy gene from her.  So, we wanted to do it right this time (and because we were only staying one night - we could afford to).  Zach reserved us a beautiful room at the Waldorf Astoria (yay for military discount).  We had dinner at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, which is situated in the balcony of Grand Central terminal.  This has become our go to spot when we are in NYC. If you have never used OpenTable to make reservations I highly recommend it.  I made our reservations online and added in the notes that it was our anniversary.  They brought complimentary chocolate cake to our table! We spent the rest of the time walking around and enjoying the city.  The only tourist thing we didn't do the last time we were there was going to the Empire State Building.  We decided to hit it up right before we headed home.  It was a short 2 day trip, but was exactly we what we needed.  We were long overdue for a break from our hotel room. 

Daxton turned 6months old in March!  Here is my handsome, little man at 6months. And Zach isn't too bad either! :)

More exciting news came our way in March.  We found out we are having a little girl!  I was soooo happy.  We are naming her Aleah Jane and she is due August 22nd.  I can't wait to meet my little princess.

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