Thursday, June 9, 2011

April 2011 - yet another move!

On April 1st, Zach graduated from Naval Justice School.  After 3 years of law school and 1 1/2 years of training Zach is finally able to practice law for the USMC.  The ceremony was early in the morning and wasn't long at all.  In fact, it was a little anticlimactic for such a monumental occasion. We didn't care too much because we were very anxious to get on the road and into our first home (yes, after 6 years of marriage we finally got our first house) in North Carolina.  Here is the fam on graduation day.

And I love this picture of Dax and I

As soon as Zach walked across the stage we checked out of the hotel, said our goodbyes, and hit the road for North Carolina.  Fun Fact: This was our 7th big move since Zach and I got married. OK to CA, CA to TX, TX to CA, CA to VA, VA to NC, NC to RI, RI to NC.  Another fun fact: This was Daxton's 3rd move since he was born. Military life is interesting. I was sick for most of the drive.  Dealing with a grumpy little boy and nausea made for a very unpleasant road trip.  We made it home safe and got moved in as quickly as possible.  It was so exciting for Daxton to have his own room again and his crib!  This was our first day in NC.  Dax and I needed a break from unpacking.

We didn't have much time to settle in before we took off on more travels.  We headed to Dallas for the annual crawfish boil.  This was Daxton's first trip in an airplane.  He did pretty good. Unfortunately there are not many direct flights out of our area so it takes two flights to get anywhere.  We would have done a lot better if we had just had the one flight each way.  He was always a champ on the first flight and little a little fussy on the 2nd.  Who can blame him?  I was a little fussy as well. It's so hard to travel with a baby but add being pregnant to the mix and it's just miserable.  My favorite pic from the trip:

In April, our little man turned 7months old. He started to get up on his knees like he was going to crawl, but he wasn't ready yet.  Besides, he got around just fine by rolling around all over the place. He also had two teeth come in on the bottom. It was super cute!  Here he is at 7 months and with all the Easter baskets he received:

The adventures didn't stop there for us this month.  My parents came for a couple of days.  We did a lot of fun things: went to an aquarium, my dad went deep sea fishing with Zach, spent a day at the beach, and mom and dad helped me out a lot by painting both of the baby rooms!  It really made the place feel more like home to make the kids rooms special.

It was wonderful having family in town.  Zach and I were able to go on a date and I was able to run a ton of errands without dragging Daxton around.

Whoa!  April was a busy one.  This is why I shouldn't wait 4 months to blog. Lesson learned.

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