Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doesn't this scream summer?

I wish we had a yard with a fence. *Sigh* Because I would do this:

I decided I needed to set some summer goals for myself/my family (you're welcome, babe)!
  1. Spend as much time as possible enjoying the beach.  This wasn't a big deal when we lived in Cali, because we could go to the beach all year round. In fact, I preferred the beach in the fall and winter because there were no tourists. Winter around here is weird to me....everything shuts down.  When I say everything I'm not joking. I grew up in Kansas and experienced the most brutal winters. It doesn't matter in Kansas....the world keeps moving.
  2. Get everything prepared for Aleah's arrival.  Our little girl will be joining/completing our family in August. The nursery needs to be finished. I got all of her bedding washed and put away, but that is about all I have done. 
  3. Stop biting my nails.  Confession: I'm a nail biter.  I always have been. It is a disgusting habit - one that I do not want my little girl observing/learning from her mother. I do really well as long as I keep my nails painted and filed. Easier said that done with a 9 month old running around. I can just see the hot pink nail polish (my summer color) all over our carpet.
  4. Get prepared for Daxton's first birthday party.  It is in September, but with Aleah coming in August I would like to have the majority of the planning done. It is going to be super cute and the theme is going to be so much fun. We are hoping a lot of our family members will be able to make it out here for the big event!
  5. Refinish the dresser in our bedroom. It is a cheap dresser that came from IKEA - I think. In the move(s) we had the brilliant idea of taping the drawers shut. pulled off the cheapo finishing. 
  6. Organize the garage. We really need to go through all the boxes, see what is in each one, donate, organize, label, etc.  Sounds fun, right?  Especially when it is 100 degrees outside. Maybe this one can wait until the winter. :)
  7. Get family pictures printed, put in frames, and hung up. Our house is so bare. I was thinking I would wait until Aleah got here, but I think I might just put some place holder photos up and then replace them with the photos of my beautiful girl when she arrives.
  8. Dream about my exercise routine that I can't wait to start after Aleah gets here. I would like to run a race. I have never done it before. I have said I was going to a million times. This time I mean it! :) At least a 5K.  Anyone can do that, right? I have heard that once you do your first race you are hooked. I hope that is the case, because my butt and thighs could use it. 
  9. Read books!  I started reading while I walk on the treadmill. It makes the time go by quickly and I love that I can make the font bigger on my Kindle because 1. I'm going blind. 2. It makes it easier to read as I bounce.  I have already read Water for Elephants and Bossy Pants. There were both so good.
  10. Get a sewing machine and re-learn how to sew. I have a million projects in mind. Like this, and this, and I want to do this with all of the white onsies that Daxton doesn't wear anymore.
I'm sure I will add more as the summer progresses.  Anyone else have a to-do list for the summer?

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Tina said...

I love the rainboot planter pic!! Adorable! And, I like your goals. I need to write out some new goals. Oh, and I think your goal to run a 5k is a great idea. Training for the Army Ten Miler is what got me to lose the last 5 lbs of baby weight that were hanging on. Road races are FUN! Miss you!