Monday, June 13, 2011

Pregnancy and Weekend Update

I'm 30 weeks pregnant now.  I figure if I survived 10 weeks of a Rhode Island winter, living in a hotel with my husband, a dog, and a baby - while enduring the joys of my first trimester - then I can survive the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy.  Just a little perspective: I have essentially been pregnant since December 2009!  That is not a typo.  I had two months when I wasn't pregnant, but let's be honest: the two months after having a baby are the adjustment months.  You still don't feel like yourself.  I'm ready for pregnancy to be a thing of the past!'s my 30 week picture.  It's completely unflattering, but we have such busy schedules that by the time I get Zach to take a new one I'll be 35 or 40 weeks. 

We cannot wait for our little Aleah Jayne to get here! She'll be here before we know it. 

So far Aleah has more clothes than Daxton has had his entire life.  I guess that's what being a girl is all about.  Her room is painted, we have a crib & mattress (thanks to our neighbors), her bedding just arrived while I was putting this post together (thanks, grandma & grandpa Avery), and her changing table should be here this week sometime (again, thanks g&g Avery), and we have a glider rocker that we just got for $20 (the baby stuff you can find around a military base for dirt cheap is amazing).  As soon as all of that is put together I'll take a pic of the nursery! :) Hopefully by next week.

Oh yeah....and the weekend update:  On Saturday, we hit up the beach. It is starting to become our weekend routine. It's free, we live 5min away, and Daxton LOVES the beach!  He crawls all over the place. Unfortunately, he enjoys the taste of sand.  I'm hoping he grows out of that really fast. This weekend he got shell and tried to eat it.  He ended up with a little cut on his lip and we had to end our beach day early to get the cut cleaned up. Zach had grand plans to go camping on Saturday night, but the plans fell through at the last minute.  Turned out to be a blessing, because Zach got sick on Saturday night with the cold/flu junk that's going around.  On Sunday, I had two babies to take care of! :) I kid, but I guess it's good practice for when I actually have two babies to take care of. It was a super lazy day. Daxton and I made waffles for dada (which is a big deal, because it's the second time I have made pancakes/waffles since Zach and I have been married - it's sort of his territory). Then, Zach vegged out and watched movies all day. I don't think he moved from the living room. I haven't talked to him today yet, but I hope he feels better after a day of relaxing!

P.S.  I told you I would get better about blogging.  Hope I can keep it up! :)


Laura R said...

I'm glad you're on a blogging roll! Your little guy is adorable, and I like to hear the news from your corner of the world :)

Kari said...

I too am so glad that you are back in the blogging world! I love seeing pics of your little man and of course of you too! It's crazy that you are having another baby in 10 weeks. I hope those last 10 weeks treat you well Jen!