Friday, November 6, 2009


Story of my life: choosing the most difficult path and completing it.

I knew Law School was going to be difficult, but the 6 months of studying and waiting AFTER graduation was the toughest. Actually, the waiting was the toughest.

The Texas Board of Bar Examiners set the grade release date for today, November 6th. They told us this before we even took the exam. They also told us that they would email us BEFORE they listed the names of everyone that passed on the website. You can find my name here.

Yesterday, I was waiting for an email, because historically the results come out a day before. (I know this because of obsessive google searches). Jennifer and I go to lunch at Subway in Malibu. She says she doesn't want to leave me alone. This is probably because I look like this. While sitting in Subway, nervously tapping my feet and staring into space, I get a text from a dude I met at the Bar review course. All it says is:

"Congrats buddy!"

If it were a movie, then the camera would do that cool zoom in effect where the background gets bigger behind me. Hands shaking, I look at Jen and say "I think that means I passed!" But I have to check the website to see my name to know for sure. I think at one point I start dry heaving. I get to the website, scroll down, then tell Jen to read it to see if my name is there. It is. I passed. We scream and jump up and down and hug and cry. I leave to go and call people. While Jen is throwing away our trash, the guy at the table behind us winks and nods at her. A parade starts on PCH and I get on a float that looks like T-Rex and wave at the crowd as I go by. Not really. Really.

So I'm a lawyer. Zachary D. Herbert, Esq.


Cara said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We were screaming and jumping and hugging too! No crying. Really. Not really.

Anonymous said...

yes bubba