Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Weekend Ever!

I was finally able to hear my husbands voice!!!  It was so good to talk to him.  For the past three weeks it has seemed like he's going to be gone forever - now that I've been able to talk to him it feels like he's on a short business trip.  We are planning a trip for me to come for a 24 hour visit in two weeks.  So exciting!  He's doing well (minus a cold that EVERYONE has).  He really appreciates all of the letters and encouragement he has received - keep it coming! Here is a picture of my marine:

The more exciting news I have to share with the internet world is that we are expecting our first child in September!  We are very excited to meet our little jelly bean (that's what we've named him/her for the time being).  Zach's convinced that it's a boy and my father is convinced it's a girl - we'll see!


Barb said...

Congrats Jen (and Zach, in absentia... )!!! The updates on how Zach is doing are great... fun to follow along with.

How are you doing? Keep up with the Jennifer news too!

Cara said...

I'm sad all his hair is gone! It makes me cold! He is so serious....I can't get over it!

Jen said...

Believe me - I'm not thrilled about the hair either! :) I thought he looked super serious too, but after talking to him on the phone he's the same old gregarious Zach!!

joyful02 said...

Congratulations Jennifer. That is so exciting.