Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Side Effects...

Of not having a husband....
  1. I may not have known that the Super Bowl was happening this past weekend until going to the grocery store just days before and seeing the mountainous displays of chips and beer!  In case you're wondering: I did watch the big game (in my own special way).  I watched it the way I've always wanted to watch it.  I made our favorite layer dip, recorded the game, and pressed fast forward through all of the game part and only watched the commercials & half time show.
  2. I may have watched 5 seasons of the show Lost in just 3 weeks time.  But, before you judge me - you must know that Lost is incredibly addictive.  In addition, this first trimester has been hitting me a little hard and all I can manage to do after a day at work and walking Diesel is to on the couch and watch t.v! 
I realized I really haven't given a lot of baby news!  I've been so focused on keeping everyone updated on Zach.  I was able to see our little jelly bean's heartbeat several weeks ago.  It was amazing!!  I really wish Zach could have been there.  I did send him a picture of our little bean though and he said he just swelled with pride when he saw that little blob! ;-) I have had morning sickness, but I can't complain.  From what I hear from some of my girlfriends is that my morning sickness could be a lot worse.  More than anything I have been completely exhausted.  If it was up to me I would be sleeping 12 hours a night, but having a job doesn't make that very easy.  

In Zach news:  Virginia has been bombarded with snow!  His liberty last weekend was restricted (they had to stay on campus, but he was still able to call me on Saturday and Sunday).  They are expected to get another 10-20 inches of snow starting tomorrow!  They posted on the OCS website today that their liberty was going to be canceled again this coming weekend.  Zach really needs a break and mother nature isn't being very cooperative!  Needless to say he could really use some encouragement.  Keep the letters coming - he LOVES getting mail!  Hopefully the weather starts to clear up, because I have a flight out to see him  leaving on the 19th and returning on the 22nd.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way of our visit.  We both need it!!


Josh R. said...

I'm so glad you've joined us in being addicted to Lost!

Jessica said...

Hi Jen! I'm so glad you came across my blog and thanks for leaving a comment!
Congratulations on your little jellybean :) I am just a few weeks ahead of you, so we'll have to compare notes throughout the next few months!
The rest of OCS will fly by - I promise! My husband finished OCS for the Army in August. I remember feeling like graduation would never come to us, but it was such a rewarding experience in the end!